Deciding to be a dog breeder is not a decision to be made lightly.   It involves a lot of commitment and dedication.  We have been breeding Tibetan Spaniels for about 12 years.   We also have bread Vizslas, and still do occasionally, but it’s a lot more work and we prefer the smaller breeds.   This is one of the things you will learn as a breeder.  You might love a certain type of dog, but breeding it offers a whole new dimension.

We have two Vizslas and we still breed some of the offspring from litters that we have whelped, but we generally don’t do this breed any more at our home.  A couple Vizslas can be a handful, but at 8 weeks a large litter of puppies can be harder to control than a recess full of kindergartners after some sugar.  You get the idea.  Tibbies on the other hand are happy to sleep, play with one another, and gently play with you.  Every breed is different, and you need to figure out what works for you taste, and your lifestyle.